Electrical Industry's Partner for Innovative and Complete Solutions


Electrical Industry's Partner for Innovative and Complete Solutions


The Automation cluster provides a comprehensive range of solutions for the automation industry, including power analysis, measuring instruments, flow meters, and remote controls. In collaboration with established brands such as HBC, Krohne, EATON, Janitza, and Pilz, the cluster is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of its clients.

Cluster coordinator: Geir Geirsson

Transportation, Smart Home, and Network Systems

The cluster offers a range of high-tech solutions for transportation, aviation, EV charging, and home automation. Through partnerships with leading brands as Easee, OCEM, Swarco, BKT, Grenton, and MDT, the cluster is able to provide the solutions its customers require.

Cluster coordinator: Adam Thorsteinsson


The Lighting cluster offers professional lighting solutions for a variety of settings, including schools, offices, industry, and roads. By partnering with established suppliers such as Zumtobel, Glamox, AEC, PIL, among others, the cluster can provide high-quality lighting solutions that meet the needs of its customers.

Cluster coordinator: Pall Sturluson

Power Distribution

The Power Distribution cluster provides a good range of solutions for the high voltage and power distribution industries. Through partnerships with well-known suppliers such as TE, EATON, KLAUKE, Telefonica, Intercable, and more, the cluster aims to offer the best possible solutions for the industry.

Cluster coordinator: Olafur Hardarson

General Installation

The General Installation cluster provides all the necessary electrical solutions for the building industry, including cables, breakers, cabinets, installation materials and more. With partnerships with a variety of suppliers such as JUNG, ABN, EATON, RCT, MP BOLAGEN, the cluster is equipped to offer all the necessary solutions for professional electricians in all applications.

Cluster coordinator: Ivar Eidsson

Electrical Solutions Across Iceland

Reykjafell's headquarters and distribution hub are based in the capital city of Reykjavik. Additionally, the company operates a regional branch in Akureyri in the northern part of Iceland, ensuring coverage across the country.

Global Source of Electrical Products

We cater to diverse applications, ensuring a fitting answer for each unique need. Through collaboration with industry-leading brands, we adeptly meet business demands and specifications. 

Reykjafell's Online Store

At Reykjafell, we're proud to offer our professional customers the convenience of our 24/7 web-shop. As an online store, we provide an easy and efficient way for our customers to order online, fast and easily, whether companies need delivered straight to their door, or prefer to pick up their products at our warehouse. With full control of their projects and quotes, all in one place, we make it simple for professionals. With Reykjafell's web-shop, you'll save time and streamline your operations. 

Self-Service System to Eliminate Queues

In the event that our sales representatives are occupied, we offer our customers the convenience of a cutting-edge self-service system in-store. With this system, customers can quickly order their desired products online and pick up from our warehouse within a matter of minutes.

Dedicated to the Electrical Industry

At Reykjafell, our focus is solely on the electrical sector. As a B2B provider, our goal is to offer exceptional service to our customers. We believe in delivering fast and secure solutions, tailored to the unique needs of electrical professionals. Our team of experts understand the demands of the industry, and we are committed to providing only the best products to meet those demands. Reykjafell is here to provide the highest-quality products and service for the electrical industry, by professionals for professionals. 

We Base our Decision Making on Long Term Thinking to Create Value for All Stakeholders. Our Growth is Built on Hard Earned Customer Equity.

Reykjafell Ranks Among the Top 2% of All Icelandic Companies

For six consecutive years, Reykjafell has been among the 2% of Icelandic companies that have met the requirements set by Creditinfo for being The Strongest in Iceland. Reykjafell also celebrates being recognized as Firm of the Year by VR, Store and Office Workers’ Union for the third time.

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